The power of IT departments and IT companies


We are experts in LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS and EXECUTIVE COACHING for CIOs, IT leaders and executives of IT departments and IT companies. We are working with companies in Africa, America, Europe and Asia.

The situation our clients often are dealing with looks like this:

They work for/with a corporation that can’t survive without their IT systems. They might survive for a few minutes, some for a few hours. Almost none for more than 2 days.

Based on such a significance, CIOs & IT leaders and their teams should be amongst the most respected, powerful and influential people in any organization. They should be at the forefront of business innovation and strategy implementation.

The reality is: IT is often regarded as a cost center; with little or bad reputation.

But some CIOs and IT leaders made the shift. They became the strategic partner of the board, initiating and driving change, improving business and enable previously unheard-of outstanding customer experiences.

Making the shift

We know how those organizations changed their reputation and became the powerful innovation drivers of the business. If you want to move your IT department or IT company from a cost center to a respected partner of the business, just get in touch with us.

Our clients range from Fortune Global 500 corporations to mid-size companies in Africa, Europe and Asia. We support their IT organizations with an unique and 100% customized Leadership Development (also for next-generation leaders), Executive Coaching and Training method. Some of the largest IT providers and IT vendors are our clients as well.

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Our second focus group for our Leadership and Coaching services is the retail industry, where we serve 2 of the largest global retail organizations with a combined revenue of more than 100 bn US$.

IT and retail are both facing challenging, massively changing times. It’s the way they act that will make the difference between winning and losing. And action needs to be driven by the leaders of this organization. And we work with exactly those leaders to make their corporations be amongst the winners.