Are your employees your ambassadors – or do they just collect their money?

Do you know, how your employees think about your company?

How they speak about it, when they are together with their friends?

It’s key, that your own employees are your “brand ambassadors” – no matter if you are selling Porsche sports cars or soft drinks. Because if they spread the word about their employer in a positive way, people will pick that up – and become new customers. Or they attract new talent.

But how do you find out, what they say?

Firstly – listen to them, when they communicate about what’s going on in the company. If they complain a lot in front of you, they will do as well when they left the office.

Secondly – run monthly or at least quarterly short surveys. Anonymous of course!

Ask specific questions about how they see the company – and if the survey comes up with a “bad” result, you have to take action. Until it turns and becomes good.