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OKRs – the best method to define and achieve your goals

OKRs are THE best method to set and achieve goals.

Invented by INTEL in the 1980s, Google adopted OKRs in 1999, when Google was just 1 year old and employed 60 people. Now Google has more than 80,000 employees worldwide, and OKRs are still their number 1 management tool.

Our best selling OKR 101 course

Our best selling OKR 101 course

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Achieve your goals with OKRs (2 months free access to my premium online course)

We all want to achieve our goals, but not too many get beyond the point of setting a goal.

OKR 101 achieve your goals in business and life online-course No matter which goal setting method you use, it won’t help you on your journey towards your goal.

But there is one method helping you not only to define, but also follow up, measure and help you learn on your journey towards achieving your goal. It’s called OKR – Objectives and Key Results.

OKR’s are suitable for individuals, small teams and large corporations alike. Google uses it since 1999 to this day.

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Leadership Talk for South African College of Applied Psychology

On May 26th 2016 I got invited by the South African College of Applied Psychology, SACAP, in Cape Town to speak during their Festival of Learning.

I chose a topic close to my heart and daily work: Leadership and why it needs to start within the leader.

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Is talent a prerequisite for success? Read more in Destiny Man – December 2014

2014-Dec-DestinyMan-IssueDo you believe talent is a prerequisite for success?

Do you look at opportunities, challenges, options and say to yourself ‘well, I don’t have a talent for that’ and let this opportunity slip?

To realise later, that someone with no talent at all become successful with it?

If so, you might enjoy my article in the December 2014 issue of Destiny Man. It’s available now!

Measurable Leadership Growth. Guaranteed.

3af0b35For a long time we are fans of world’s number one CEO executive coach Marshall Goldsmith.

For 25+ years he works with successful leaders making them more successful. But he does not simply agree to a coaching engagement. He guarantees results.

In November 2014 Axel Rittershaus has become a certified coach in Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching process and an affiliated coach of Marshall Goldsmith.

The concept is simple:

Many very successful leaders are not only successful because of their habits, but in spite of some not so positive behaviors. Successful people know, their future success depends on their ability to improve themselves. Which includes getting better in their not so positive behaviors.

We offer the coaching process used by Marshall Goldsmith for CEOs of the largest global corporations.

And we guarantee results according to the principle: No Growth – No Pay!

If you are a successful leader who wants to be even more successful, please get in touch.

October 2014 Book Review – Escape the City; Logbuch für Helden; Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion; Contagious

The books I read or finished reading in October 2014 are:

  • The Escape the City Manifesto, by Escape The City
  • Logbuch für Helden (Logbook for heroes, German book, not yet released in English), by Christian Galvez
  • Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion, by Robert Cialdini

The audiobook of this month:

  • Contagious, by Jonah Berger

Two first two books were gifts I received from attendees of my Leadership Development Seminar. One was from an attendee directly, the other from the husband of an attendee with whom I worked during a previous training.

“The Escape the City Manifesto”

escape-book-final-cover-676bdeed27d7fbb94aa4526c7c2b7690is a documentation/guideline especially for people working at large corporates, often earning a lot but being terribly frustrated every single day. The authors of this book were in exactly this situation and they describe how tough it was for them to accept their frustration and realise, that the only way out was to leave that corporation and find a different job or start a company.

Well written, lots of food for thoughts for people in big companies.

“Logbuch für Helden”

Helden-400x270is about assisting men to find their purpose, understand themselves a bit better and develop a plan about what they really want to do in their life.

It’s nicely written and focuses on taking actionable steps – from looking at yourself first to understanding your role and future. If anyone is not so sure, if what he or she is doing is the right thing, this book might help to clarify it a bit. And yes, women could read that book too.

“Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion”

71FDaBi9zaLis already more than 20 years old.It’s very dense but  if you read it in chunks, it works very well.

It describes the 6 main drivers for both being influenced or have influence. The examples and stories shared are often surprising, sometimes consternating. Whenever you try to influence or to sell an idea/product, looking at the 6 drivers can make you more persuasive.

I realized when reading several scientific books, that even if the stories and the messages are clear, the question of ‘and how do I apply it to my life?’ is not so easy to answer. I am personally in the grateful situation that I can invest time into building the bridges into the real life, because it’s a part of my job when preparing new seminars or workshops, but most people don’t have that time.


Contagious1-237x300describes a few principles of why some messages spread, and others don’t. Filled with several nice examples and stories, it makes you think of what could you apply for your business or even your personal life, to have more influence. Because the ultimate result of a contagious message is to have more influence. And when I speak of influence, I am talking about  positive intentions.

New Accelerator Programme for Entrepreneurs by Knife Capital

grindstone_logo“Grindstone Accelerator” is Knife Capital’s entrepreneur development programme for companies going into the phase of growth, expansion and acceleration.

After a successful 2013/14 programme, which ran for a year until 2014, and resulted in a 61% year-on-year revenue growth on average for the 10 participating companies, now the next Grindstone Accelerator is about to start.

We are proud to be the partner of Grindstone by Knife Capital for the Leadership element of this year long development programme. Because no product and no company can be successful in the long run, if the leaders lack leadership skills.