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Measurable Leadership Growth. Guaranteed.

3af0b35For a long time we are fans of world’s number one CEO executive coach Marshall Goldsmith.

For 25+ years he works with successful leaders making them more successful. But he does not simply agree to a coaching engagement. He guarantees results.

In November 2014 Axel Rittershaus has become a certified coach in Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching process and an affiliated coach of Marshall Goldsmith.

The concept is simple:

Many very successful leaders are not only successful because of their habits, but in spite of some not so positive behaviors. Successful people know, their future success depends on their ability to improve themselves. Which includes getting better in their not so positive behaviors.

We offer the coaching process used by Marshall Goldsmith for CEOs of the largest global corporations.

And we guarantee results according to the principle: No Growth – No Pay!

If you are a successful leader who wants to be even more successful, please get in touch.

New Accelerator Programme for Entrepreneurs by Knife Capital

grindstone_logo“Grindstone Accelerator” is Knife Capital’s entrepreneur development programme for companies going into the phase of growth, expansion and acceleration.

After a successful 2013/14 programme, which ran for a year until 2014, and resulted in a 61% year-on-year revenue growth on average for the 10 participating companies, now the next Grindstone Accelerator is about to start.

We are proud to be the partner of Grindstone by Knife Capital for the Leadership element of this year long development programme. Because no product and no company can be successful in the long run, if the leaders lack leadership skills.



Financial Times FT: “Today’s trend is for high-potential employees to be coached”

How comes, that every top athlete has multiple coaches and experts to improve his performance?

And how comes, that top executives on the C-Level and below have a golf pro and a personal trainer for their sports activities while at the same time they shy away from having an executive coach who can not only make them more productive?

Times are changing, as you can read in a recent article by the Financial Times, stating that the image of coaching, especially executive coaching, made an U-Turn from a “last call” for low performers to a highly efficient and sought after way to make already successful people even more successful. (!)

Of course this requires a coach who really understands his business and puts the success and results for his coachee first. Unfortunately the coaching skills of many self-proclaimed experts and coaches are limited to writing down the title “executive coach”.

We highly recommend to select an executive coach wisely, pay attention to credentials or certifications and the coaches experience in working with executives.

Coaching Success Story: Work-Life Balance and more productivity

At todays coaching session, I received the following feedback from one of my coachees:

After just 2 sessions she was able to

  • reduce her workload and increase her productivity at the same time
  • improved the collaboration between 3 departments and
  • got from working until midnight to an acceptable work schedule and a good work-life-balance.

Well done, to her, since she implemented what we discussed…

More than 96% of CEOs (!) enjoy receiving coaching!

A recent study by Stanford Graduate Schools shows an overwhelming positive reaction of CEOs on leadership coaching.

What really strikes is the fact, that 2/3 of the CEOs do NOT receive leadership advice like coaching, but most of them want it!

Read more about the Exexcutive Coaching study here: 

Management Executive Coach (Expert Level) certification confirmed!

European Coaching AssociationWe are happy to announce our most recent certification: the prestigious Expert Level awarded by the European Coaching Association (ECA).

The European Coaching Association is a leading authority for coaching in Europe. To achieve the highest level (Expert Level) many years of experience, references and professional education of the coach are required. We were able to cross that bar.

Coaching only makes sense, if our clients achieve their goals and get over obstacles better & faster due to our coaching. This certification gives our clients another proof, that we know how to support clients and their business in the best & most efficient way.