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Saturday inspiration: Can “thinking outside the box” be the wrong approach?

It’s pretty common right now to encourage people, organizations, ourselves to “think outside the box”.

Because we believe, that we already did everything inside the box, and to create something new or better, we need to get outside of it.

I am one of the people encouraging others to think and act outside the box.

I still believe, that this is important to solve existing and future challenges.

But the following video made me think.

Think that we might not only should look outside the box, but also take a different look on the box we are in – and we might find completely new solutions.

If you would be an artist, a painter, and your hand would start shaking that hard, that you can’t draw a straight line any more, would you be able to embrace this?

Can you imagine turning a limitation into an inspiration?

Invest a few minutes and watch this video – you will enjoy it!

And it will make you think, what you might be able to achieve even within your box…

Let me know what you think about it in the comment box below the video.

Who moved my cheese?

When we are successful, sooner or later we tend to expect the success to come to us, because we are successful.

This might even work for a while. So we become lazy.

And then things change…

…but we lost some of our capabilities.

…or let’s say it differently: we did not use our capabilities and therefore we don’t trust them any more. Instead of using them, we rather expect the success to come back.

Watch this amazing video and you will change the way you see success:


Speaking Topic: Look inside the brain of great leaders and their employees

Executive Coach Axel Rittershaus as Motivational SpeakerExecutive Coaching clients and attendees of our trainings alike tell us, that learning about the most recent study results from Neuroscience and their implications on leadership are the most inspiring and mind-changing experiences they ever had.

Neuroscience, the combination of psychology and modern medical technology like MRTs, give us the opportunity to look inside the brain of a human being while it’s actually busy with a task!

To give more companies the opportunity to get first hand insights and strategies to understand and manage their employees better, we prepared a key note speech of 30 – 75 minutes long called:

“Look inside the brain of great leaders and their employees”

Understanding the behavior of other people (like employees or ourselves) can be a miracle; especially when they are stressed out, under pressure or unable to cope (no matter why).

As a leader we can carry on and fight forever – or we can learn how to turn the situation around. Neuroscience shows us the way.

This talk gives you first hand insights into the most recent and game-changing results of neuroscience and combines it with tools & methods to lead people based on this new knowledge.

It’s going to be entertaining, surprising, jaw-dropping and hands on at the same time.

You are going to leave the talk with strategies to handle difficult situations much better than ever before.

If you are interested having us as a key note speaker at one of your events, please get in touch via our contact form.

Inspiration: “If today were the last day of my life”

Do you sometimes postpone actions because you think, you can do it later?

Do you sometimes foucs on the most urgent topics, while your most important topics like taking care of your health, your family, the future of the business are not screaming loud enough?

Are you wondering, if you are really doing the right job?

Steve Jobs might help you in asking the most important questions in your life…

If you can’t move forward, get off the escalator…

Did you ever experience a moment in your life, where you were complaining about a situation, the behavior or lack of action of others?

Sometimes it appears to us, that others are responsible for a situation and they have to move.

But most of the time, and this includes the aforementioned situations, it’s us who is not moving, not taking action.

I use this videoclip to make this evident at my leadership trainings. I trust you like it too…

Keynote: “We don’t see, what we see”

Hein Wagner and Axel Rittershaus after Test RunAs a dedicated ultra marathon runner, with currently 5 Two Oceans Ultra and 3 Comrades medals, I had the priviledge of being the running guide for the well know South African blind runner Hein Wagner.

Hein was born blind and became a successful sales manager, extreme adventurer and motivational speaker.

I never guided a blind runner before and received the request just 5 days prior to the 56 km Ultra Marathon in 2013. I am glad I got the opportunity and took it – I learned a lot from it!

You can find more about this running adventure on my Ultra Marathon Website: 

On April 8th I am going to talk about what I learned at the Social of my running club Atlantic Athletics Club in Cape Town. The name of the talk will be “We don’t see what we see“.

If you are interested in this talk for your own club or business, please get in touch with me.