Coaching client reports: I achieved my 5 year goals (incl 70% raise of income), because of coaching!

I just want to tell you one thing:

Do you remember how we planned my future 5 years ago?
Like how much I want to earn, how I want to work, etc.?
I just called to tell you:


Those were the words of a coaching client who called me today.

I am very happy for him, because 5 years ago he started from a not so happy space.

He was very grateful for what we achieved with our coaching partnership. I see it this way:

As a coach I am assisting a client to unleash what he is really capable of.
But in the end, he is responsible for his success.

How did he achieve his goals?

We started our coaching process in 2008 with 2 meetings, both 2 hours long. We analysed his professional past, his strengths, weaknesses and options. Despite his professional life, he was still struggling with debts from a former marriage, a failed business and he was not sure what to focus on.

After those 2 meetings, he started to focus on 3 major topics in his industry. He specialized and reactivated old contacts. Within a few weeks, he was more than busy with work for old and new clients.

Coaching process for 5 years

Over the course of 5 years we had 2 coaching calls or meetings per year to
- keep him focused
- realign himself with his goals and adjust the plans he intended to implement
- define the next strategic steps

70% increase of income

With a very limited amount of time and money invested in coaching, he increased his income by more than 70%. What he invested in coaching has paid back multiple times already. 

With his increased income, the coaching sessions for 5 years are covered with the additional money he makes in as little as 1 month of work now!
What an ROI!

He was also able to get rid of his debts, won new lucrative clients and enjoys a better work-life-balance he was so desperately looking for 5 years ago.

I am very happy for him and we’re going to draft the next 5 year plan in February 2013, because “the sky is the limit“.

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