Executive Coaching

C-Level, Partner and Top Executive Coaching

Top executives typically face the most challenging tasks within any business.
But they are also the most empowered to effect positive change!

Executive coaching clients report

  • greater productivity and effectiveness,
  • increased awareness and perspective,
  • improved communication and listening skills,
  • strengthened relationships and greater confidence
    as a result of executive coaching.

Testimonial Niels Studies show a ROI of 700% for executive coaching programs.


I focus my executive coaching on making already-successful CIOs, CTOs, executives and leaders better, in terms of their leadership, sales, growth and communication skills.

This allows them to accelerate the success of every aspect of the business and make it sustainable – almost always with less stress, more confidence and more effectiveness.

Build The Right Muscles and Hit The Sweet Spot

Just as an athlete’s coach knows which muscles need to be strengthened or which adjustments have to be made to hit the sweet spot, we help our executive clients build the muscles where they need them most.

It’s like hitting a golf ball: just 1 mm off the sweet spot can make a huge difference to the shot!

The Impact of a Leader

It stands to reason that even the smallest adjustment of a limiting or destructive behaviour, or the slightest improvement in already great habits and attitudes can result directly in the generation of hundreds of millions of US$, Euro, Yen, Rands etc.

Specialised Coaching for The ICT Industry

Axel Rittershaus’ executive coaching offers specialised coaching services for already successful executives in the Information and Communication Technology Industry (ICT), CIOs, CTOs and C-level-executives to help them become even more successful and easily handle today’s challenges. His experience as an ICT entrepreneur and executive for 20 years, working with African, European and US-American Executives gives his clients the edge.

As an Executive Coach I focus on:
What adjustments need to be made and in which direction?

We then strip these down to the most effective steps and make sure they are taken.

It’s often a very simple approach that is needed. Which does not mean it will be easy.

But I’ll be with you every step of the way to get you there!

The C-level and top-executive coaching usually runs for 9 – 18 months. With international executives the coaching will be done via telephone in most cases.

Read more about the typical results of our executive coaching, our coaching philosophy and get answers on typical questions regarding executive coaching.

Executive Coaching proves to be very effective when dealing with, amongst others
  • Performance Improvement – taking talented executives to the next level;
  • Development issues – improving the people skills of competent executives to increase their effectiveness and the collaboration with their employees;
  • Destructive behaviour that negatively affects the further growth of the executive and the results created by the organisation around him;
  • Succession planning and learning to let go – preparing the outgoing executive for his next step when leaving his position, and the successor;
  • Poor interpersonal skills – identifying poor people skills, which sometimes only materialise when the executive gets to the top, and replace them by positive behaviour (“what got you here won’t get you there”);
  • Confidence and self-belief related issues, especially during periods of organisational change, economic turbulences or personal incidences