Expatriate Coaching

However successful and experienced you are as an Executive, when working in a foreign country cultural discrepancy can hit you at any given moment.

The most common problems are amongst others:

  • culture: ranging from different expectations regarding responsibilities to rules of how to establish and grow interpersonal relationships
  • behaviour: ranging from social/gender specific rules and roles to leadership related topics
  • unwritten/unconscious rules: ranging from how to handle people of other ethnic heritages to lack of knowledge about standard industry-processes

Axel is an Expatriate himself and knows the most common hurdles when working in different countries with different cultures. He works with executives from India to Switzerland, from Canada to South Africa.

His most specialised knowledge focuses on Germans working in Africa, especially in South Africa.

Expatriate Coaching assists his clients in:

  • creating out of the box thinking to enable new behaviour when working with different cultures
  • establishing greater awareness about one’s own cultural presuppositions to improve the relationship building and leadership capabilities
  • become more effective by using methods that work with any given culture instead of trying to do it “our way” to no avail

Our Expatriate Coaching is not focused on any specific industry.

First Class Coach Network

With our network of 70 professional coaches we cover the whole range of age, gender and ethnic heritage.

This combination, especially for German clients, of Axel’s German roots, his excellent own coaching skills and his network will help to solve any given situation for his clients.