Typical Questions about Executive Coaching

This is a short summary of typical questions I receive regarding executive coaching in general and my special approach:

What can I expect from executive coaching?

  • You will experience tangible results and next action items during and after each single session – no matter how long the session;
  • You will reach your goal, if it has been well-defined and is do-able (even if it’s extremely challenging);
  • You will find a way to handle issues and solve problems;
  • You will see and feel the benefits of your new behaviour – a behaviour YOU chose to change;
  • You will gain clarity about your goals (as an executive and person) and how to achieve them;
  • You will become more efficient and win time for what’s truly important!

How long does the coaching process take?

It usually takes 1 or 2 coaching sessions to define the goal for our coaching. (Even “solving an issue” or “getting rid of…” needs the definition of a goal!) During and after every single coaching session there will be tangible results and clearly defined next steps (and the steps are defined by YOU, not us!)

Our executive clients almost always see and achieve results within the first weeks of collaboration. Further coaching sessions will reinforce a new behaviour or deal with the inevitable obstacles that arise when following a goal or solving an issue.

Our coaching agreements generally run between 9 and 18 months. The sessions will be arranged based on the situation and need, usually somewhere between weekly and monthly.

Is telephone coaching as effective as face to face coaching?

Especially for very busy top executives, it’s often more important to get a 15 minute coaching session immediately, rather than a 2 hour session scheduled 2 months in advance.

I recommend having a face to face coaching session every 3 months to keep the personal relationship on a high level. But in the meantime we can achieve all our coaching goals using telephone, Skype or videoconferencing.

I have several overseas executive coaching clients, with whom I do only telephone coaching, with amazing results!

Why do you specialise in the ICT industry?

Simply put, the rules of the game in different businesses are different. The coaching clients I have in the Information and Communication Technolgy Industry are always very happy talking to a coach who really understands the challenges and opportunities of the ICT business.

I focus on the ICT industry, because I see a lot of challenges within the next 10 years for executives in this industry. I know the rules of the game, so we needn’t spend too much time on background. Due to my specialisation I have also found very specific coaching approaches which work exceptionally well with executives in the ICT industry, and produce great results!

What’s the difference between coaching and training?

Trainings and seminars helps you to acquire skills, while coaching makes you take action.

And change and improvement only happen by taking action.

With our business development and new leaders coaching we give you access to techniques and methods you can use immediately (as within a seminar), but we make sure you find your own personal way of using them.

Eventually (still within the same coaching session) we make sure you take the required steps to use them – because you want to!

A key element of coaching is asking the right questions! In combination with generic coaching techniques I’m able to come up with new questions at any given time to identify new roads. As an executive coach I cannot know everything, but I have to be able to get to any given point. This unique combination of industry insights and coaching skills gives my clients the best quality results.

(You can also read our interview with the Entrepreneur Magazine SA about this topic: http://www.entrepreneurmag.co.za/advice/personal-improvement/ongoing-learning/lifelong-learning/)

What are the payment options?

1. Pay only for results

We start with a definition of the desired outcome and a definition of metrics. The executive defines the key shareholders, co workers, employees, investors, etc. I can contact to gain their support and to measure the metrics.

The fee is then linked to the impact of coaching, which usually means to the business size/earnings/revenue.

2. Pay per agreement

If defining metrics is not appropriate, we can come up with topic-based agreements of between 9 and 18 months, or a fixed fee without restrictions to the number of sessions (travel time and expenses to be charged separately if feasible; telephone coaching preferred).

It’s all about results!

I truly believe: Executive coaching has to generate tangible results, otherwise it’s not worth investing time and money.

Read more about the results you can expect from our Executive Coaching…

According to the 2009 ICF Coach Client Study the median company return (ROI) for (executive) coaching activities is 700% and 96% of all executive coaching clients would repeat the process.

If you’d like to receive this study, we are more than happy to send it to you. Please send us a quick note using our contact form.