Financial Times FT: “Today’s trend is for high-potential employees to be coached”

How comes, that every top athlete has multiple coaches and experts to improve his performance?

And how comes, that top executives on the C-Level and below have a golf pro and a personal trainer for their sports activities while at the same time they shy away from having an executive coach who can not only make them more productive?

Times are changing, as you can read in a recent article by the Financial Times, stating that the image of coaching, especially executive coaching, made an U-Turn from a “last call” for low performers to a highly efficient and sought after way to make already successful people even more successful. (!)

Of course this requires a coach who really understands his business and puts the success and results for his coachee first. Unfortunately the coaching skills of many self-proclaimed experts and coaches are limited to writing down the title “executive coach”.

We highly recommend to select an executive coach wisely, pay attention to credentials or certifications and the coaches experience in working with executives.