Leadership development – a long term project

When I work with the top executives of a company and their new leaders, sometimes it takes some time until everybody recognizes, that being a great leader is not about attending a few seminars and then “you are done”.

When I come across such an idea, I ask them, how a great athlete at the Olympics acts: Does he train until he can perform his sport (like running) and stop training because “he’s got it”? Of course not. It’s an ongoing process, in both sports and leadership.

Today (it’s July 27th of 2012) I received the message from one of my large European clients with his “GO” for going ahead and scheduling 30 days of leadership training. For 2013!

They recognized, that it’s vital to plan ahead and have the leadership training put into the schedule of all their executives, so nobody is going to miss it.

“Thank you” to my client!

What about you? Did you already put your leadership development on the agenda for 2013? If not, get in touch with us