Leadership Development for IT Companies

Leaders in IT Companies are not only facing the challenges of running their own operations. They face an increasing change of expectations and demands from their clients.

Based on my 15 years of experience on three continents in the IT industry and a decade of working with IT leaders, I have designed a process that will help you to create a strong leadership culture within your company and at the same time become the respected partner of your clients.

Impactful Leadership for Executives in IT Companies is our signature leadership development process. It consistently receives the highest ratings from our clients in Europe and Africa.

Tailor Made for IT

The program is designed for IT companies and is 100% tailor-made for executives in the IT industry and their specific situations and characteristics. It focuses on all leadership challenges of IT consultancies, vendors, service providers and outsourcing companies.

We recommend to run it as a company-internal program inviting all senior executives of an IT department.

The program consists of 4 modules (3 days each) with a coaching call in between each of these modules. The modules are 3-4 month apart from each other.

Find more details in our brochure or get in touch with us now for an individual conversation regarding your unique requirements.

Activating and Impactful

The program is highly engaging, active and motivational . Attendees are guaranteed to emerge from every module with tangible, concrete action steps. They will have an impact as leaders when they get back to work.

Attendees of the program will master skills like:
  • Find and keep the best talents
  • Motivate your people
  • Become the preferred partner for your clients, both the IT departments and the business functions
  • Be a real leader
  • Handle rising demands with reduced budgets
  • and many more topics. Please look at the brochure!

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