Motivational Speaking Topics

20130521-Rotary-Axel-03Axel specialises in talks giving the audience some skills to take responsibility for their own destiny and understand why we act the way we act.

Very popular topics are:

  • Ready for Change – How to make change the new standard
  • Peak Performance Rules – How outstanding teams collaborate and how we can do the same
  • Mindset for Change – Look inside the brain of people and what executives need to know to lead in times of change
  • Chance starts between your ears – How executives can make themselfes and their people fit for change
  • Growth and success are a mental game – What mindsets you need to grow and be successful long term
  • Phase C – Leading companies through uncertainty into new oceans
  • Mission Growth – You can achieve much more than you think you can
  • Beyond the limits – Lessons from an Ultra Marathon Runner about Focus, Persistance and Perseverence, no matter if snow, rain or heat

Please get in touch and let’s talk, how Axel can inspire and motivate you and your teams.