Ultra Marathon Running Talks

Would you say running a marathon is normal. And running a marathon as a training run, would that be normal?

For 36 years Axel thought this isn’t even thinkable.

Since 2007 he does the unthinkable.

He runs Ultra Marathons (= add any figure to the standard marathon distance of 42.2 km) and enjoys them.

Two_Oceans_Marathon-2013-_Two_Oceans_Marathon-2013-12121119_DSC_8842He ran the renowned Two Oceans Ultra Marathon (56 km) in Cape Town in 2013 with the blind adventurer Hein Wagner, and completed already 8 Ultra Marathon races in just 4 years.

Can you imagine eating your normal food and add one Mc Donalds Big Mac Menue? Every single day of the year!
That’s what you would have to do to consume the calories Axel needs for his running. He burned more than 1,000,000 kcal between 2007 and 2013.

His Ultra Marathon talks are sought after and highly inspirational. On a personal and business level.

Axel will take you beyond the comfort zone, beyond what you think is possible.

20130119-RedHill-Marathon-AxelYou will love this talk!

The Ultra Marathon talks are highly recommended as dinner speech, as an impulse during a strategy or business development conference and for growth workshops.

Please get in touch to discuss how Axel’s Ultra Marathon talk can take you out of your confort zone.

You can read more on his ultra marathon blog: Ultra Marathon Man Axel