New Leader Coaching

Turning Successful Experts into Successful Leaders

The new leader coaching programme helps you to become a successful and authentic executive – both as an expert in business and an exceptional leader.

As a new leader, you are watched closely by the Top Executives “above you” and the established employees who suddenly find themselves working under you. Not to mention the new responsibilities you have towards the business, clients and major accounts.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the magnitude of expectations!

Our new leader coaching accelerates the learning curve through continuous coaching and feedback sessions to help you avoid common leadership mistakes.

Our mission for upcoming leaders:
Be an efficient leader from day one!

When we conduct a series of training sessions we almost always get feedback from the new leaders about they are already successfully implementing the lessons from the last training.

Read more details about the typical coaching topics for new leaders.

The new leader coaching programme usually runs for 12 – 18 months, during which time the new leader finds his/her own leadership style and learns how to leverage the strength of the team through powerful leadership.

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