New Leader Training

Highly Effective Training Sessions for New Leaders– it’s all about results

When you sign up for a seminar, you can only hope that you’re not merely learning some interesting theories. You probably expect ready-to-use, proven methods you can apply immediately for your business, right?

When we started developing seminars, we thought back to the hundreds of seminar hours we spent bored and frustrated as seminar attendees… and then we set about creating seminars and workshops that do the opposite!

100% Tailormade

The process begins with a pre-seminar briefing to identify the major challenges you want to tackle with the training – and then we develop our training to suit your needs.

We ensure that you get results from every hour of training.

We only conduct New Leader Training when we also perform a New Leader Coaching Programme.

It’s like training for a marathon: If you read about running, you won’t get any better. Only when you apply the lessons in real life and get professional feedback on your training runs can you truly become a better runner!

Get in contact and let us define how we can support your new leaders and maximize their positive impact!

New executives learn to apply the most important skills
for effective leaders and organisations, including:
  • How to lead people;
  • How to make the shift from expert to leader;
  • How to lead global teams and international collaborations;
  • How to work and lead simultaneously;
  • How to achieve an efficient decision-making style;
  • How to improve communication and presentation skills;
  • How to develop and implement business strategies;
  • How to handle pressure from managers and employees;
  • How to select the right people for teams;
  • How to delegate efficiently and remain in control;
  • How to be self-confident when in doubt…

…and much more…