Our New Leader Coaching Programme

Highly efficient Coaching for New Leaders.

A new leader is always under surveillance and has to prove his capabilities from day one.

Sometimes the new leader has a few weeks in the beginning where he can “find his feet” in his new role. But very often, the higher up the ladder the leader finds himself, the shorter the time allowed for settling into the role.

When one of my client’s was promoted to CEO of an international retail giant, he didn’t have a single day to get into his role. He had to perform from day 1!

There are Different Types of New Leaders

“New Leader” does not only refer to an expert promoted into a leadership role.

A “New Leader” is often someone who joins from another employer or an already experienced leader on a local level, who moves up onto the global stage.

Only with tailored and experienced executive coaching can a new leader perform from day one!

Which Topics are Covered?
New leader coaching is a combination of training and coaching and covers:
  • How to lead people;
  • How to make the shift from expert to leader;
  • How to lead global teams and international collaborations;
  • How to work and lead simultaneously;
  • How to achieve an efficient decision-making style;
  • How to improve communication and presentation skills;
  • How to develop and implement business strategies;
  • How to handle pressure from managers and employees;
  • How to select the right people for teams;
  • How to delegate efficiently and remain in control;
  • How to be self-confident when in doubt…

…and much more…