The New Leader Coaching Process

What Does The Coaching Process Look Like?

Every new leader coaching programme follows a clearly defined and structured process, ensuring tangible results from every coaching session, whether 10 minutes or 2 hours long.

The coaching sessions are an essential element in combination with New Leader Training Programmes.

In general we follow these steps, adapted to the client’s individual situation of course:
  1. Identify what goal is to be achieved/issue to be solved/behaviour to be improved;
  2. Identify what is holding you back from doing/achieving it;
  3. Identify what the benefits are if you are successful;
  4. Identify options, opportunities and actions to take immediately;
  5. Identify what could hold you back from taking these actions;
  6. Identify results, adjust strategies and if necessary, find new options and next steps;
  7. Keep you going by making sure you’re not going back to old habits.

Our new leader coaching is the safety net for any organisation wanting to dramatically increase the chances that their promoted executives perform the way they need to.

But we are only satisfied if we turn them into overachievers!

Goals and Perseverance

As an ultra marathon runner I know first hand how you can go way beyond what you think is possible if you put in the effort to prepare, have the persistence to keep going, and get professional support to extend your comfort zone.