Typical Questions about New Leader Development

Do You Also Work With Experienced Leaders Who Get Promoted?

Actually, most of the “New Leaders” we are coaching are executives who take the next step from a local / small leadership position to a global / large one. Being responsible for 5 or 10 employees is very different to leading 200 or 2000 on a global scale. We enable them to handle this promotion.

Do You Offer a Solution For Experienced Leaders Who Never Got a Leadership Training?

Absolutely. We are working with executives with up to 25 years of experience, but no leadership training and they are very happy to get a feedback on how they did so far and what they can improve.

Which Topics are Usually Covered?

New leader coaching is a combination of training and coaching and covers:

  • How to lead people;
  • How to make the shift from expert to leader;
  • How to lead global teams and international collaborations;
  • How to work and lead simultaneously;
  • How to achieve an efficient decision-making style;
  • How to improve communication and presentation skills;
  • How to develop and implement business strategies;
  • How to handle pressure from managers and employees;
  • How to select the right people for teams;
  • How to delegate efficiently and remain in control;
  • How to be self-confident when in doubt…

…and much more…