Business Development Coaching

Relentless and focused sales and business development is not an option – it is a must for every successful company.

Some companies may survive for a while in mediocrity, but long term success comes to those with a laser sharp strategy and the determination to create leads and turn them into loyal long term clients.

The Key Factors for Successful Sales

There are some key components to being successful in sales – and many businesses fail to execute them. Our business development coaching will enable you to soar above your competitors by making you, your sales team and ultimately everyone in your company an outstanding sales force.

What could you achieve if your entire company will be an outstanding sales force?
Outstanding, not average results!

Our Business Development Coaching Programme includes:
  • Your real USP (the real value you are generating, not simply the marketing story);
  • Focusing on the right clients;
  • Success strategies to lead generation;
  • Professional lead management (95% of all companies don’t use their leads);
  • The “No. 1 in the client’s mind” strategy, which makes any potential client call on you first, by default;
  • Client loyalty systems;
  • Turning technical people into your “eyes and ears” for your sales activities;
  • Success rules for Contact Management Systems and processes;
  • Sales team compensation plans;
  • “We are one” Awareness Programme – making everyone in your company a driving force in your business.

Own your Market

Our sales and business development coaching takes you and your sales team, your consultants and everyone in your business to another level of business development – up to the level where you own your market!

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