Be a Trusted Adviser Instead of a Sales Man

Developers and consultants don’t want to be in sales. Nine out of 10 say immediately “I hate it. I want to develop stuff instead of forcing people to buy it“.

This is a mental block and I believe, that ICT companies can increase their sales by 25 – 50% if they find a way to use the skills of their best developers for sales.

Consultant’s Knowledge is Priceless

Even more important: Consultants working on site at the client’s offices know first hand what’s going on. They have insights, the sales staff will never get because they pop in only ever now and then.

These consultants are the most important sales team on earth, because they are “on the ground” and they can even look behind the scenes of a client. I’m working with ICT companies where sales soared within a few months, just by giving the consultants some tips about what to pay attention to and what to forward to sales.

And by having a clearly defined sales process where the consultants could be 100% (yes, one hundred percent) sure, that their insights were used in a confidential and professional way.

The Easy Way for Consultants

If developers and consultants forget about selling and

  1. start listening to their clients needs
  2. analyse what they might need
  3. talk about options
  4. and learn to show their clients what these options mean for the clients business

these ICT professionals will become an unstoppable sales force, without thinking about sales!

I sold a 6 figure (Euro) software deal by drawing a few lines on a whiteboard, asking some questions and narrowing their requirements down to what they really need. Since it was an analytical process, every developer and consultant can do the same.

How to Become a Trusted Adviser

In our Business Development Workshops for ICT professionals we assist in enabling great developers to be oustanding “trusted advisers” for their clients.

It’s a mental game – and many developers love mental games.

But it requires commuication skills“, some people say.

Yes, that’s absolutely right. Therefore we have some pretty nice methods we teach at these workshops – and the ICT professionals love them…

Get in touch with us and we show you how to turn an outstanding developer into an outstanding trusted adviser.

By the way: You still need sales people to negotiate terms and conditions, prices, etc.

But to get to that point, the trusted adviser is the key to success.