Sales in The ICT Industry

Highly Effective Training Sessions – it’s all about Results

When it comes to sales, you can learn a lot of standard sales tactics, but most of them do not work in the field of the ICT industry. Almost none work when it comes to online business models.

When you sign up for a seminar, you can only hope that you’re not merely learning some interesting theories. You probably expect ready-to-use, proven methods you can apply immediately for your business, right?

What We Learned as Attendees

When we started developing seminars, we thought back to the hundreds of seminar hours we spent bored and frustrated as seminar attendees… and then we set about creating seminars and workshops that do the opposite!

The process begins with a pre-seminar briefing to identify the major challenges you want to tackle with the training – and then we adjust our training to suit your needs.

 We ensure that you get results from every hour of training.

Sometimes the toughest question is: What is your USP – your Unique Selling Proposition?

Since marketing stories are NOT equal to an USP, we will assist you to find your USP.

Our Sales Training & Business Development Coaching focuses on:
  • Your real USP (The real value you are generating, not simply the marketing story);
  • Focusing on the right clients;
  • Success strategies to lead generation;
  • Professional lead management (95% of all companies don’t use their leads);
  • The “No. 1 in the client’s mind” strategy, which makes any potential client call on you first, by default;
  • Client loyalty systems;
  • Turning technical people into your “eyes and ears” for your sales activities;
  • Success rules for Contact Management Systems and processes;
  • Sales team compensation plans;
  • “We are one” Awareness Programme – making everyone in your company a driving force in your business.


We make sure that we properly utilise your and your sales team’s valuable time!

We are satisfied when we end a training session with tangible sales actions and everybody knows that they will be turned into reality.

We always complete sales training with a set of action tasks, which almost always become reality, generating more clients, better sales processes and ultimately, more revenue.