Why I LOVE Selling

…because I’m NOT selling stupid stuff.

What I do is, I

  • help my clients to achieve their goals,
  • realise their dreams,
  • show them how to be successful and
  • overcome any fears and obstacles.

When I talk to people about this, I’m talking about THEIR benefits and not about MY stuff.

That’s what we need to do in any service and project work related business. Like in Software Development, Software Product Sales, IT Consulting business.

Many developers and consultants in the ICT industry hate the word sales. They are not there to sell stuff. They are not used-car-dealers. They are developers. They want to do an outstanding job in developing great solutions – for their clients.

Therefore, trying to make a developer or consultant an IT sales representative is an almost impossible task.

But we don’t need to surrender!

Changing the focus from “Sales Man” to “Trusted Adviser” makes the difference.

When I was still in the ICT business, for the last few years…


Instead, I became a trusted adviser …

…and my sales results went up 200%.

I LOVE selling, because I am not selling – I am helping my clients. I’m not doing it for myself, I’m doing it for them. That’s the difference.

When we are in love with someone, we enjoy doing something for him or her – not for ourselves!

If we stop thinking about us in sales and focus on our client, we will outperform every competitor – and make our clients happy and loyal. We move from a client – service provider relationship into a mutual partnership. And that’s what we need in this tough and competitive business with new providers from all around the world.

What we mean when we talk about “Trusted Advisers” can be found in our article about how to turn developers and consultants into trusted advisors