Saturday inspiration: Can “thinking outside the box” be the wrong approach?

It’s pretty common right now to encourage people, organizations, ourselves to “think outside the box”.

Because we believe, that we already did everything inside the box, and to create something new or better, we need to get outside of it.

I am one of the people encouraging others to think and act outside the box.

I still believe, that this is important to solve existing and future challenges.

But the following video made me think.

Think that we might not only should look outside the box, but also take a different look on the box we are in – and we might find completely new solutions.

If you would be an artist, a painter, and your hand would start shaking that hard, that you can’t draw a straight line any more, would you be able to embrace this?

Can you imagine turning a limitation into an inspiration?

Invest a few minutes and watch this video – you will enjoy it!

And it will make you think, what you might be able to achieve even within your box…

Let me know what you think about it in the comment box below the video.