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Who moved my cheese?

When we are successful, sooner or later we tend to expect the success to come to us, because we are successful.

This might even work for a while. So we become lazy.

And then things change…

…but we lost some of our capabilities.

…or let’s say it differently: we did not use our capabilities and therefore we don’t trust them any more. Instead of using them, we rather expect the success to come back.

Watch this amazing video and you will change the way you see success:



Inspiration: “If today were the last day of my life”

Do you sometimes postpone actions because you think, you can do it later?

Do you sometimes foucs on the most urgent topics, while your most important topics like taking care of your health, your family, the future of the business are not screaming loud enough?

Are you wondering, if you are really doing the right job?

Steve Jobs might help you in asking the most important questions in your life…

Keynote: “We don’t see, what we see”

Hein Wagner and Axel Rittershaus after Test RunAs a dedicated ultra marathon runner, with currently 5 Two Oceans Ultra and 3 Comrades medals, I had the priviledge of being the running guide for the well know South African blind runner Hein Wagner.

Hein was born blind and became a successful sales manager, extreme adventurer and motivational speaker.

I never guided a blind runner before and received the request just 5 days prior to the 56 km Ultra Marathon in 2013. I am glad I got the opportunity and took it – I learned a lot from it!

You can find more about this running adventure on my Ultra Marathon Website:http://ultra-marathon-man.blogspot.com/2013/03/change-of-plans-for-my-two-oceans-ultra.html 

On April 8th I am going to talk about what I learned at the Social of my running club Atlantic Athletics Club in Cape Town. The name of the talk will be “We don’t see what we see“.

If you are interested in this talk for your own club or business, please get in touch with me.

Achieve your Childhood Dreams

I often mention Randy Pausch’s “Last Lecture” during my speeches and many people asked for the link to this amazing talk.

Prof. Randy Pausch did his last lecture not because he went to another University – he gave it because he was about to die due to cancer.

It is one of the most fascinating talks regarding doing what you really want to do. Especially remarkable is his comment when it comes to roadblocks on our way to achieve our goals.

Take your time and watch the video here: