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Warning for CIOs in India – and around the globe…

The gap between IT and business functions is a real threat for IT departments and their businesses.

And due to the massive demand of mobile and customer oriented services IT departments either find a way to improve their collaboration – or they will foster the growth of more and more shadow IT systems.

Forrester analyst Manish Bahl published an alarming report.

He says 62% of Indian CMOs are going to increase their tech budget in 2014.

Their priorities are

1) addressing the rising expectations of customers

2) acquiring and retaining customers

This is nothing new – but the pace of rising customer expectations is on a new level.

To tackle this, CMOs rely on technology. And they either get it from their IT department, or they go and buy it on their own. Since they have to keep and acquire customers NOW! They can’t wait.

This puts emphasis on the need of IT departments (and IT leaders in particular) to focus on taking all necessary steps to improve the collaboration of IT and business. Otherwise they will be facing an avalanche of shadow IT systems in 1-2 years.

Yes, the CMOs might still need to buy solutions in the cloud, which IT would rather source differently but doesn’t have the capacity to do so. If IT is the partner for the CMO to choose at least the best possible solution and IT is aware of this new system, they are much better off than if they are not involved at all.

Read more in Manish’s blogpost…

The Agenda for Retail CIOs

According to a global Forrester survey of 192 CIOs and IT leaders in December 2013, all of them are facing very similar challenges. The key aspects vary depending on the economy, but they have several major topics in common:

  • First and foremost, the CIO/IT leaders have to become valued and respected partners for the business (= the other board members) and get out of the “IT is a cost center” stigma
  • Many retail organizations are sitting on a gold mine: Their data.
    But they struggle using “big data” to gain insights for sales, product development, customer engagement, etc.
  • The bigger the retail organization and its IT, the larger the budget used for maintenance and “keeping the lights on”. At the same time, those large businesses need even more innovation and speed delivered by IT. A catch 22 situation.

What is the solution?

When we are working with CIOs and their teams we assist in both positioning the IT as THE innovation partner for the business and aligning all IT people into the right direction.

You can find the complete study here: http://www.tcs.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/White-Papers/2014-Global-Agenda-Retail-CIO-Study-1213-1.pdf

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