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What’s more important for success than the right business background?

Executive Coach Axel Rittershaus writing for Entrepreneur MagazineYou need experience, connections, talent and lots of funding money.

That’s what many people believe as prerequisite for success.

But there are countless business which had all of that.

And they failed.

Maybe because the founder missed the one key ingredient: Passion for what they are doing.

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3 reasons why passion might be more important than a business background – by Axel Rittershaus


Talk: “Are you the right leader” for Grindstone Accelerator

GrindstoneAcceleratorGrindstone Accelerator (by Knife Capital) is a structured incubation initiative to assist high-growth SA Technology SMEs to become sustainable and fundable.

Many topics are important to start, grow and estabilsh a sustainable technology company. One of them is leadership – especially the leadership role of the founder(s).

Axel Rittershaus got invited to speak at the Grindstone Accelerator Meeting on May 14th 2014 in Cape Town.

His talk is titled “Are you the right leader?” and he will talk about leadership, dogs, challenging questions and the importance of asking “Why?”.

Are you a Threat to your Company’s Growth?


Executive Coach Axel Rittershaus writing for Entrepreneur Magazine

I received a lot of positive feedback for my recent Entrepreneur Magazine SA article with the name “Are you a Threat to your Company’s Growth“.

Many thanks for the positive feedback. And if you haven’t read the article yet, the link is: http://www.entrepreneurmag.co.za/advice/business-leadership/leading/are-you-a-threat-to-your-companys-growth/

Contributing to the Silicon Cape Initiative

We’re happy to announce our contribution to the Silicon Cape Initiative, Cape Town.

Silicon Cape Initiative for Entrepreneurs in the ICT industry, Cape Town, South Africa

The Silicon Cape Initiative is a non-profit, community owned and driven movement, that aims to improve the environment in the Western Cape to create more and better startups as well as increase access to capital.

We will assist this movement with monthly expert columns regarding leadership, entrepreneurship and business development in the ICT industry

All you have to do is ask…

…says Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote, when it comes to finding legendary people to become your mentor.

Read the full story on INC.COM:


I made exactly the same experience in the past: You can get so many things, from free conference rooms to priceless advice, just by asking. Be nice, friendly and ask for help – you will be surprised what you can get!