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Uber-successfull leader challenges his leadership style

One of my very successful clients, a self-made man with several companies & hundreds of employees before he turned 40, is aware of the fact, that he might be successful not only because he is good, but despite behavior that might be destructive.

Therefore he gave me green light for a project called “Start – Stop – Continue” where I am going to talk to all of his executives, managing directors and direct reports including assistants to identify, what they see as necessary to prepare the companies for the future.

He expressed his concerns, that

  • he might be the limiting factor for talents, because of his personality
  • he might feel challenged by potential successors (since his dream is to step back and become an advisor instead of running the business) and fight with them instead of fostering the potential
  • he destroys the creativity of his teams with his analytical and rhetorical skills

This is a true leader – he identifies a potential threat to his business (= himself) and takes action!

Financial Times FT: “Today’s trend is for high-potential employees to be coached”

How comes, that every top athlete has multiple coaches and experts to improve his performance?

And how comes, that top executives on the C-Level and below have a golf pro and a personal trainer for their sports activities while at the same time they shy away from having an executive coach who can not only make them more productive?

Times are changing, as you can read in a recent article by the Financial Times, stating that the image of coaching, especially executive coaching, made an U-Turn from a “last call” for low performers to a highly efficient and sought after way to make already successful people even more successful. (http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/da3ea73c-ee30-11e2-816e-00144feabdc0.html#!)

Of course this requires a coach who really understands his business and puts the success and results for his coachee first. Unfortunately the coaching skills of many self-proclaimed experts and coaches are limited to writing down the title “executive coach”.

We highly recommend to select an executive coach wisely, pay attention to credentials or certifications and the coaches experience in working with executives.

More than 96% of CEOs (!) enjoy receiving coaching!

A recent study by Stanford Graduate Schools shows an overwhelming positive reaction of CEOs on leadership coaching.

What really strikes is the fact, that 2/3 of the CEOs do NOT receive leadership advice like coaching, but most of them want it!

Read more about the Exexcutive Coaching study here:


Management Executive Coach (Expert Level) certification confirmed!

European Coaching AssociationWe are happy to announce our most recent certification: the prestigious Expert Level awarded by the European Coaching Association (ECA).

The European Coaching Association is a leading authority for coaching in Europe. To achieve the highest level (Expert Level) many years of experience, references and professional education of the coach are required. We were able to cross that bar.

Coaching only makes sense, if our clients achieve their goals and get over obstacles better & faster due to our coaching. This certification gives our clients another proof, that we know how to support clients and their business in the best & most efficient way.


Speaking Topic: Look inside the brain of great leaders and their employees

Executive Coach Axel Rittershaus as Motivational SpeakerExecutive Coaching clients and attendees of our trainings alike tell us, that learning about the most recent study results from Neuroscience and their implications on leadership are the most inspiring and mind-changing experiences they ever had.

Neuroscience, the combination of psychology and modern medical technology like MRTs, give us the opportunity to look inside the brain of a human being while it’s actually busy with a task!

To give more companies the opportunity to get first hand insights and strategies to understand and manage their employees better, we prepared a key note speech of 30 – 75 minutes long called:

“Look inside the brain of great leaders and their employees”

Understanding the behavior of other people (like employees or ourselves) can be a miracle; especially when they are stressed out, under pressure or unable to cope (no matter why).

As a leader we can carry on and fight forever – or we can learn how to turn the situation around. Neuroscience shows us the way.

This talk gives you first hand insights into the most recent and game-changing results of neuroscience and combines it with tools & methods to lead people based on this new knowledge.

It’s going to be entertaining, surprising, jaw-dropping and hands on at the same time.

You are going to leave the talk with strategies to handle difficult situations much better than ever before.

If you are interested having us as a key note speaker at one of your events, please get in touch via our contact form.

If you can’t move forward, get off the escalator…

Did you ever experience a moment in your life, where you were complaining about a situation, the behavior or lack of action of others?

Sometimes it appears to us, that others are responsible for a situation and they have to move.

But most of the time, and this includes the aforementioned situations, it’s us who is not moving, not taking action.

I use this videoclip to make this evident at my leadership trainings. I trust you like it too…

How much does coaching cost?

Typical questions regarding coaching are

  • how effective is it?
  • how much is it?

Since I am very result oriented, my fees vary depending on the results we are aiming for. But so far all of my clients are having achieve a positive Return on Invest (ROI) on their coaching investment, because we always generate massive results for them.

The most recent Sherpa Study, including South African figures, gives an overview regarding the standard fees of coaching.

But we should not forget: “How much is coaching?” is like asking “how much is a car?” – it always depends, a Skoda will be much cheaper than a Ferrari. It all depends on what you want to achieve.

The Coaching Fee Study can be found here…