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Leadership Development Program for IT Executives of large corporations and their IT departments

“Learning by doing” can be a very powerful way of learning.

Leadership in IT departments does not have the luxury of time for such an approach. IT leaders of today need to be capable of a multitude of skills, from IT knowledge to influencing board members, from finding the right people to keeping existing legacy systems running.

Our unique signature program “IMPACTFUL LEADERSHIP FOR IT EXECUTIVES” for IT departments fills the gap of current leadership development approaches.

It’s 100% tailor made for the needs of IT departments, based on 15 years of experience in the IT industry with an outstanding track record regarding its positive impact on the leader and his people.

Read more about it in our brochure “Impactful Leadership Program for IT executives” and get in touch with us.

We adapt our program to your individual requirements, and we give you a Money-Back-Guarantee!

ImpactfulLeadership for IT Executives

Is this true? “IT Departments Are a Dying Breed” on csoonline.com

I came across this article on www.csoonline.com titled “IT Departments Are a Dying Breed”. (http://www.csoonline.com/article/2142067/it-audit/it-departments-are-a-dying-breed.html)

Author Steve Ragan writes about the comments from one of his readers regarding the future of IT departments.

His reader’s rant is quite offensive. For me it shows, that IT has a long way to go in terms of how they position themselves. And the value they generate.

I believe, that the future of any company is directly related to the strength of its IT department.

But the IT department of the future will and has to be completely different to today’s IT departments.

IT has to become the technological enabler of business initiatives and at the same time  take care that all systems are available and as safe as needed.

Therefore IT needs to reinvent themselves from “we build, run and maintain” everything – which is currently the main purpose and will be their grave if they don’t change – to “we are THE partner of the business when it comes to the use of technology”.

No matter if IT is developing and hosting themselves or if they are managing suppliers.

Vendors tell business functions whatever they want to hear to sell their solutions. It requires a lot of technological expertise to separate the good from the bad ones. Being the advisor for the business, that’s what IT needs to position themselves in.

Business and IT have to stand on the same side – and not be fighting against each other.

Because those fights make it very easy for vendors to get in! The vendor will be on the side of the business and help them. Help them to buy their solution against the advise of IT.

Few CIOs and their teams are already moving into the right direction – and they become a strong partner of the business.

Those CIOs and IT leaders who blame the business functions that these don’t understand IT and need to adjust to the IT rules, those will be the ones which will be outsourced sooner or later.

Therefore my resume would be “The Current Breed of IT Departments Are a Dying Breed and The Time of the NEW IT acting as a Business Partner is about to start”.

Strong IT departments are the competitive advantage of a company.

The Agenda for Retail CIOs

According to a global Forrester survey of 192 CIOs and IT leaders in December 2013, all of them are facing very similar challenges. The key aspects vary depending on the economy, but they have several major topics in common:

  • First and foremost, the CIO/IT leaders have to become valued and respected partners for the business (= the other board members) and get out of the “IT is a cost center” stigma
  • Many retail organizations are sitting on a gold mine: Their data.
    But they struggle using “big data” to gain insights for sales, product development, customer engagement, etc.
  • The bigger the retail organization and its IT, the larger the budget used for maintenance and “keeping the lights on”. At the same time, those large businesses need even more innovation and speed delivered by IT. A catch 22 situation.

What is the solution?

When we are working with CIOs and their teams we assist in both positioning the IT as THE innovation partner for the business and aligning all IT people into the right direction.

You can find the complete study here: http://www.tcs.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/White-Papers/2014-Global-Agenda-Retail-CIO-Study-1213-1.pdf

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8 aspects more important than salary to IT workers

We all know, earning a decent salary is a very important topic for job satisfaction.

But it’s not the only one.

Especially when you look at IT employees, who mostly earn a nice salary!

A recent study by Careerbuilder.com including a representative sample of 240 full-time IT-employees came up with 8 aspects which are MORE IMPORTANT THAN SALARY!

  • 69% Job stability
  • 64% Office location
  • 60% Good work culture
  • 57% Affordable benefit plans
  • 40% Learning opportunities
  • 40% Flexible schedules
  • 40% Good career advancement opportuntities
  • 40% Ability to telecommute

It shows that the quality of life, during both private and work time, becomes more and more important. We want to work in a positive environment, not be scared to lose our job and avoid wasting valuable hours of our life commuting.

The survey can be found here: