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Impression from my recent talk at Seartec & Officebox in Cape Town

SeartecRecently I was invited to speak in front of a group of fantastic people working at Seartec (the representatives of SHARP) and Officebox.

We spoke about comfort zones, our own mindsets and the mindsets of customers, and how to improve collaboration with a new way of communication.

officebox logoThank you all for inviting me and the follow up discussions we had right after my talk.


We started by taking a Selfie which became important during the talk

Dont tell me you cant FearOfFailure Selfie

Saturday inspiration: Can “thinking outside the box” be the wrong approach?

It’s pretty common right now to encourage people, organizations, ourselves to “think outside the box”.

Because we believe, that we already did everything inside the box, and to create something new or better, we need to get outside of it.

I am one of the people encouraging others to think and act outside the box.

I still believe, that this is important to solve existing and future challenges.

But the following video made me think.

Think that we might not only should look outside the box, but also take a different look on the box we are in – and we might find completely new solutions.

If you would be an artist, a painter, and your hand would start shaking that hard, that you can’t draw a straight line any more, would you be able to embrace this?

Can you imagine turning a limitation into an inspiration?

Invest a few minutes and watch this video – you will enjoy it!

And it will make you think, what you might be able to achieve even within your box…

Let me know what you think about it in the comment box below the video.

8 aspects more important than salary to IT workers

We all know, earning a decent salary is a very important topic for job satisfaction.

But it’s not the only one.

Especially when you look at IT employees, who mostly earn a nice salary!

A recent study by Careerbuilder.com including a representative sample of 240 full-time IT-employees came up with 8 aspects which are MORE IMPORTANT THAN SALARY!

  • 69% Job stability
  • 64% Office location
  • 60% Good work culture
  • 57% Affordable benefit plans
  • 40% Learning opportunities
  • 40% Flexible schedules
  • 40% Good career advancement opportuntities
  • 40% Ability to telecommute

It shows that the quality of life, during both private and work time, becomes more and more important. We want to work in a positive environment, not be scared to lose our job and avoid wasting valuable hours of our life commuting.

The survey can be found here:



Who moved my cheese?

When we are successful, sooner or later we tend to expect the success to come to us, because we are successful.

This might even work for a while. So we become lazy.

And then things change…

…but we lost some of our capabilities.

…or let’s say it differently: we did not use our capabilities and therefore we don’t trust them any more. Instead of using them, we rather expect the success to come back.

Watch this amazing video and you will change the way you see success:



The Art of Delegation in “Destiny Man Magazine”

DestinyMan2014-Jan-FebIf you are an executive, entrepreneur or C-Level-Member, delegation is one of your most important day to day tasks. There are only 24 hours in a day, and some people achieve more than others during this given time.

What might sound easy at first sight often has it’s challenges – and in many cases all parties involved make delegation a successful or a miserable experience.

Destiny Man (www.destinyman.com) interviewed us regarding the topic of delegation and we happily replied.

You can read our tips in the January-February 2014 edition.

Don’t eat the marshmallow NOW

What do you do, when you have two options:

1. Get a reward immediately
2. get a bigger reward, but you have to wait for a while?

A famous experiment in the years 1968 – 1972 called “Marshmallow Experiment” makes it obvious and funny to watch, how children handle such a temptation. And it teaches us a lot about adults…

The remarkable result of this study is not the result of the first test. It’s the way how you can predict success:

The kids who did NOT chose to get the immediate reward where more successful when they grew up than the ones who chose to eat the marshmellow immediately.

When you are dealing with employees or business partners always keep in mind, that we tent to prefer the immediate reward, (almost) no matter what you promise for the future.