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Impression from my recent talk at Seartec & Officebox in Cape Town

SeartecRecently I was invited to speak in front of a group of fantastic people working at Seartec (the representatives of SHARP) and Officebox.

We spoke about comfort zones, our own mindsets and the mindsets of customers, and how to improve collaboration with a new way of communication.

officebox logoThank you all for inviting me and the follow up discussions we had right after my talk.


We started by taking a Selfie which became important during the talk

Dont tell me you cant FearOfFailure Selfie

Talk: “Are you the right leader” for Grindstone Accelerator

GrindstoneAcceleratorGrindstone Accelerator (by Knife Capital) is a structured incubation initiative to assist high-growth SA Technology SMEs to become sustainable and fundable.

Many topics are important to start, grow and estabilsh a sustainable technology company. One of them is leadership – especially the leadership role of the founder(s).

Axel Rittershaus got invited to speak at the Grindstone Accelerator Meeting on May 14th 2014 in Cape Town.

His talk is titled “Are you the right leader?” and he will talk about leadership, dogs, challenging questions and the importance of asking “Why?”.

The human factor in Governance, Risk and Compliance – Meet me at ITWeb GRC conference in March 2014, Johannesburg

itweb_logo_smlIf governance, risk and compliance (GRC) initiatives are perceived as ‘policing’, people will always find a way to get around rules and regulations.

“This makes for an often daunting stand-off between the GRC ‘troops’ and ‘the rest’ within your business,” says Axel Rittershaus, executive and leadership coach at The Executive Coach.

“If the mindset of people, from the lowest level up to the C-suite, truly supports GRC, it won’t be a big deal. But GRC will never work if it’s an additional project. It has to start with the way people are encouraged by their managers to speak up, and end with the goals the business defines for its employees.”GRC2014-top-image

Employee resistance when it comes to actively engaging in GRC initiatives is a significant issue in South African companies, says Rittershaus. “One of the key issues is a catch-22 situation: since almost everyone needs to work hard to gain market share and win clients, how do you treat the company’s super-star who brings in major deals – but always works on the edge of compliance. This ‘role model’ is seen everywhere by everyone, and the thinking is, ‘well, if he doesn’t care, why should I?’”

Rittershaus, who has worked with numerous companies locally and abroad, says the three critical success factors in any coaching intervention aimed at getting staff to buy into and support GRC within the business are full transparency, total personal responsibility and zero tolerance on all levels.

Employee resistance when it comes to actively engaging in GRC initiatives is a significant issue in South African companies, says The Executive Coach’s Axel Rittershaus.

He will present at the upcoming ITWeb GRC Summit 2014, to be held in Johannesburg in March 2014. He will focus on the practical steps required to create the right mindset among staff towards GRC.


Speaking Topic: Look inside the brain of great leaders and their employees

Executive Coach Axel Rittershaus as Motivational SpeakerExecutive Coaching clients and attendees of our trainings alike tell us, that learning about the most recent study results from Neuroscience and their implications on leadership are the most inspiring and mind-changing experiences they ever had.

Neuroscience, the combination of psychology and modern medical technology like MRTs, give us the opportunity to look inside the brain of a human being while it’s actually busy with a task!

To give more companies the opportunity to get first hand insights and strategies to understand and manage their employees better, we prepared a key note speech of 30 – 75 minutes long called:

“Look inside the brain of great leaders and their employees”

Understanding the behavior of other people (like employees or ourselves) can be a miracle; especially when they are stressed out, under pressure or unable to cope (no matter why).

As a leader we can carry on and fight forever – or we can learn how to turn the situation around. Neuroscience shows us the way.

This talk gives you first hand insights into the most recent and game-changing results of neuroscience and combines it with tools & methods to lead people based on this new knowledge.

It’s going to be entertaining, surprising, jaw-dropping and hands on at the same time.

You are going to leave the talk with strategies to handle difficult situations much better than ever before.

If you are interested having us as a key note speaker at one of your events, please get in touch via our contact form.