The comfort zone myth or a marathon as a training run

How would you feel the night before you are about to run a marathon?

  • Excited?
  • Nervous?
  • Uncertain?

On Jan 19th 2013 I ran my 9th full marathon race, and I was surprised to notice, that I wasn’t even thinking about it the night before. It was a run, just like the 3-4 training runs I do every week.

How does it come?

It’s not because I am so special or that I am gifted. But since I became a runner in 2007, my goals were always Ultra Marathon races (= races longer than a standard 42.2 km marathon).

To be able to run so far, I had to extend my comfort zone. First it was 12 km, then 17 km, 30 km, … Now I regard a run between 15 and 25 km as a standard distance. A marathon is a long training session.

Sounds crazy?

Maybe it is somehow.

But the lesson for me is obvious: What I regarded as impossible yesterday, can be my new standard today. And what is impossible today, might be within my comfort zone tomorrow.

And how can this happen?

By doing it.

Nothing else makes you run longer distances than running longer distances and learning from your new experience (like: how many intervalls do I have to run to be faster, etc.)

Nothing else makes you better in sales, public speaking oder leadership than doing it more often and by improving the way you are doing it.

If you want to accelerate the learning and the improvement, get support like a great peer group, trainig or work with an executive coach.

Now, start doing the things you regarded as impossible…

By the way: The marathon was tough, but I finished it in a way that I got my qualification for my 5th consecutive Two Oceans Ultra Marathon 2013.