The value of saying Thank you

I just returned from a meeting with a business partner who is doing some work for me.
We finished a project and spoke about it: what went good, what went bad and can be improved.

Is “Thank you” so hard to say?

When we were done with the topics, I said “Thank you” – and they looked puzzled. They could hardly recall the last time someone did thank them for their work.

Don’t take it for granted

They always do great work and their clients are happy. But clients seem to take good work for granted.

When I work with executives, they almost never can remember, when they thanked their employees.

You have to mean it

I encourage everyone, no matter if leader or employee, if husband or parent, to say “thank you” more often – but you have to mean it.

My business partner was pretty happy about the feedback (the positive and the negative topics) and most of all about getting something back which is often much more valueable than money: recognition