Uber-successfull leader challenges his leadership style

One of my very successful clients, a self-made man with several companies & hundreds of employees before he turned 40, is aware of the fact, that he might be successful not only because he is good, but despite behavior that might be destructive.

Therefore he gave me green light for a project called “Start – Stop – Continue” where I am going to talk to all of his executives, managing directors and direct reports including assistants to identify, what they see as necessary to prepare the companies for the future.

He expressed his concerns, that

  • he might be the limiting factor for talents, because of his personality
  • he might feel challenged by potential successors (since his dream is to step back and become an advisor instead of running the business) and fight with them instead of fostering the potential
  • he destroys the creativity of his teams with his analytical and rhetorical skills

This is a true leader – he identifies a potential threat to his business (= himself) and takes action!